2. Taking requests!

    I would really really really like to interact more with my followers and I’m kind of lacking edits ideas in the moment so if any of you wants me to do anything - icon, phone backgrounds, edits about a specific movie or just chat - just tell me so! I love you all!

  3. projectdiisney:

    This friendly group competition is simply a way for the Disney fandom to connect more with each other and for blogs to share their talent with the rest of the fandom. Of course, there will be winners at the end of the events (because what’s a competition without winners?).

    • In order to enter Project Disney, simply reblog this post (you can like, but they won’t count).
    • Once all of the participants have been rallied up, you will each be randomly grouped together in teams. The number of teams will depend on how many participants we get.
    • A post will then be sent out with a list of each team along with its members all tagged. You can nominate a team captain if you want to!
    • The deadline to enter will be Tuesday, July 29th.
    • A few days before the beginning of each week, there will be a theme issued out with challenges that each team must complete in order to gain points.
    • Each challenge is optional and no points will be deducted if a team chooses not to participate.
    • It is through participation only that a team can earn points.
    • If the requirements for each challenge are not met, a team can lose points.
    • This competition will last 6 weeks from August to mid-September.
    • At the end, the team with the most points will receive a follow from both mods and spots on our blog for the entire month of October.
    • You’ll also win our unconditional love and bragging rights, which are the biggest prizes of all, really 
    • Track the tag ‘projdisney’, as that is where all the teams, challenges, team rankings, and other notices will be posted.
    • Keep your ask box open in order for us to contact you
    • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
    • Remember to reblog this post in order to enter.
    • This post must get AT LEAST 30 notes in order for Project Disney to go through.

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  5. You’ll be in my heart… Always…

  6. God help the outcasts, children of God

  7. Nerd Hiro

  8. disneyroxy:

    He’s so cute!!!


  9. songbird-143:


    Can you imagine wings just being a normal part of everyday life like imagine

    • Stepping out of the shower and blow drying your wings each morning before work
    • Sitting back in a chair and having them flop over the back lazily
    • Shielding yourself from the sudden rain with your thick feathers
    • Waking up in the morning with bedhead and bedfeathers 




    Having a bad wing day when your feathers are untamed.

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    Color Swap