1. There seems to be a lot of Easter Eggs in the new Big Hero 6 trailers!

    The first one is Hans, from 2013 Frozen. He’s on a Wanted poster, in the police office. Looks like they couldn’t lock him up properly, eh?

    The second one is a Wreck It Ralph poster, seen on one of the town’s billboard. Although this one is harder to see, we do see Ralph in his red shirt, with yellow Sugar Rush to his right and blue Hero’s Duty to his left.
    Wreck It Ralph is also right in the middle of the picture, on another billboard that seems to display the 8-bit game. It seems that Wreck It Ralph is pretty popular in San Fransiskoyo.

    The last one, from the same town view, really look like Ace Cluck AKA Chicken Little. We can’t be 100% sure that it is him, but there aren’t that many chicken wearing green glasses…

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